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JP-H0349175-A: Manufacture of coaxial connector patent, JP-H0355317-A: Latticed reinforcing part patent, JP-H0363485-A: Temperature control device patent, JP-H0366344-A: Cleaning device patent, JP-H0387205-A: Pressurizing molding process patent, JP-H0390574-A: Coated sintered hard alloy for wear-resistant tool patent, JP-H0391756-A: Plate making method patent, JP-H04101403-A: Electronic component and its manufacturing method patent, JP-H04115136-A: Particle measuring apparatus patent, JP-H04124600-A: Method of blasting patent, JP-H04131349-A: Al-cu sintered alloy having excellent wear resistance patent, JP-H04143212-A: High frequency quenching and tempering apparatus for bar-like work patent, JP-H04153396-A: Mat coated paper patent, JP-H0416250-A: Apparatus and method for discharging media for sand mill patent, JP-H04162968-A: Electrode control system for dc butt welding machine patent, JP-H04171932-A: Equipment for sticking rear grinding tape patent, JP-H04183991-A: Operation stop method for bilge sewage pump patent, JP-H04189638-A: Housing type door mirror drive device patent, JP-H04208389-A: Shutter patent, JP-H04208501-A: Magneto-optical material and magneto-optical recording medium patent, JP-H04210258-A: Method and device for controlling supply of material to crushing plant patent, JP-H04214265-A: Acoustic apparatus having control function by card patent, JP-H04232546-A: Data processor patent, JP-H04242590-A: Rotary beverage filling machine patent, JP-H04246641-A: X-ray radiographing device patent, JP-H0425179-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0426285-A: Motion vector detector and image fluctuation corrector patent, JP-H04267606-A: Primary radiator in common use for vertically and horizontally polarized wave patent, JP-H04287510-A: Flip-flop circuit patent, JP-H04310013-A: High voltage pulse generator patent, JP-H0431683-A: Scroll compressor patent, JP-H04318107-A: Instrument for measuring furnace condition in blast furnace patent, JP-H04326791-A: Method of making wiring conductor on circuit board patent, JP-H0432701-A: Motion accuracy measuring instrument for machine patent, JP-H04348195-A: Felt detergent for papermaking patent, JP-H04358406-A: Plane antenna patent, JP-H0447780-A: Projection type display device patent, JP-H0448979-A: Washing method for box component patent, JP-H0449479-A: Token card reader patent, JP-H04502907-A: patent, JP-H04504366-A: patent, JP-H0451375-A: Picture processor patent, JP-H04614-A: Contstant-current series regulator patent, JP-H0479379-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H0495559-A: Tandem type vacuum booster patent, JP-H05104369-A: 工作機械の移動台の転動案内面とその製造方法 patent, JP-H05116098-A: 軟質性長尺状ワークの加工方法 patent, JP-H05116662-A: スクータ型車両のオイルタンク patent, JP-H05118399-A: Double stroke device patent, JP-H0513575-A: 集積回路の配線設計方法 patent, JP-H05141743-A: Environment controller patent, JP-H05149704-A: ごみ輸送管摩耗量の無人測定法 patent, JP-H05152589-A: 赤外線検出素子 patent, JP-H05156947-A: Diesel engine patent, JP-H05161243-A: ディジタル形保護制御装置 patent, JP-H05172434-A: 空気調和装置 patent, JP-H05176679-A: Complex processed food and its production patent, JP-H0518410-A: Nut fastener for bolt patent, JP-H05196977-A: 非線形光学素子 patent, JP-H05198199-A: Semiconductor storage device patent, JP-H05207959-A: 食器洗い機 patent, JP-H05211684-A: 荷物等自動管理ロッカーシステム patent, JP-H05213515-A: Manufacture of transverse slit type adhesive tape and the same tape patent, JP-H05226428-A: ワイヤボンディング方法 patent, JP-H05246672-A: 可変速形乗客コンベア patent, JP-H05253956-A: 大理石調製品の製造方法 patent, JP-H0526322-A: 摩擦車式無段変速機 patent, JP-H05308822-A: Grounding-type continuous pot-seedling transplnter patent, JP-H05323211-A: 内視鏡装置 patent, JP-H0533584-A: トンネル構築工法 patent, JP-H0534427-A: 回転磁化過程における磁区模様の観察機能を有する走査型電子顕微鏡 patent, JP-H054159-A: Grinding/polishing method for end face of optical connector patent, JP-H0549559-A: 電気掃除機 patent, JP-H0549962-A: Vertical-type crusher patent, JP-H0571162-A: Sewage basin with vacuum valve patent, JP-H0591524-A: 復調軸可変回路 patent, JP-H06105706-A: Multifolding type automatically opening/closing umbrella patent, JP-H0612814-A: ディスクカートリッジ patent, JP-H06162007-A: Document preparing method patent, JP-H0616352-A: エレベーターの乗場表示装置 patent, JP-H0617370-A: ロービングの接続体 patent, JP-H06192397-A: エポキシ樹脂用硬化剤 patent, JP-H06193086-A: 可撓管と地中箱との防水接続工法 patent, JP-H06226592-A: ラジアルボール盤の座標表示器 patent, JP-H06269312-A: Permanent wave technique patent, JP-H06274339-A: Central processing unit patent, JP-H06283392-A: パッケージ型固体電解コンデンサーの構造及びパッケージ型固体電解コンデンサーの製造方法 patent, JP-H06311058-A: Adaptive receiver patent, JP-H06316634-A: コポリマー patent, JP-H06317567-A: 超音波探傷装置 patent, JP-H06321676-A: Image furnace patent, JP-H0636436-A: Automatic disk playing device patent, JP-H0642116-A: Base member for installation of roof panel patent, JP-H0645210-A: Method of forming multi-layer wiring patent, JP-H0648465-A: Liquid taking out device patent, JP-H06503206-A: patent, JP-H0651681-A: Recording device using liquid developer patent, JP-H0666791-A: Nuclei acid base detector patent, JP-H069378-A: 経皮吸収性製剤の製法 patent, JP-H0695114-A: Reflection mirror for light or shadow image system or similar system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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